401 CONFIDENTIAL by Michael J. Marini

    In every town, in every workplace across http://www.401confidential.com/ the U.S… Employees blissfully trust that their employer selected a good retirement plan. Employers blissfully trust that they did too, completely unaware of what good actually looks like. The only ones who know what good and bad look like are the retirement plan companies, and…

Nutricionista en Barcelona

  https://dietista-nutricionista.com/ Si buscas un dietista nutricionista en Barcelona, Adriana Oroz es la mejor opcion. Con sus dietas, sus menus y sus super platos no solo conseguiras perder peso sino que disfrutaras de tu nueva alimentacion. Apuntate a descubrir tu mejor yo con la nutricionista Adriana Oroz  

My Supernatural Encounter with the Orange Being- Book Trailer

    In a collection of true stories, Bi begins by sharing several supernatural childhood experiences that included learning her sister was possessed and given away, using a Ouija board to communicate with the dead, camping in a haunted area in Hong Kong, and gradually realizing she had been gifted with a sixth sense. As…


  introducing the extended music video http://www.jadedjane.com/ f or Serendipity, our new single out now via all major streaming services, taken from our recent album “Always & Forever”. Watch, listen, enjoy, share, and we hope you’re able to experience some of the thought, emotions and musical depth we went through when filming and recording.